K32 ALCA (Active Lane Change Assist) coding
  • K32 ALCA (Active Lane Change Assist) coding
  • K32 ALCA (Active Lane Change Assist) coding

K32 ALCA (Active Lane Change Assist) coding


K32, ALCA (Active Lane Change Assist)

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Function of Active Lane Change Assist

Active Lane Change Assist supports the driver when changing lanes and is activated by indicating briefly.

For this, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • You are on a motorway or high-speed major road.
  • The vehicle speed is between approximately 80 km/h and 180 km/h.
  • The neighbouring lane is separated by a broken lane marking.
  • No vehicle or obstacle is detected in the adjacent lane.
  • Since the last time the vehicle was started, the sensors have detected a vehicle at a suitable distance behind your vehicle.
  • Active Lane Change Assist is selected in the multimedia system.
  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist are activated on motorways.

The system is not available and must be reactivated in the following situations:

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist were already activated before entering the motorway.
  • The system briefly does not detect the road you are on as a motorway or a motorway-like road, e. g. on a motorway junction.
  • As soon as Active Lane Change Assist detects a suitable road, you can reactivate it with J,MorN

Display in the driver's display in the Assistance menu

Active Lane Change Assist - Function of Active Lane Change Assist

  • 11Green arrow: lane change initiated
  • 22Red arrow: lane change cancelled
  • When Active Lane Change Assist is available, the±display appears along with green arrows in the driver's display. If the system has been activated but is not currently available, thedisplay appears along with grey arrows in the driver's display.
  • If no vehicle or obstacle is detected in the adjacent lane and a lane change is permitted, the lane change begins after the driver has indicated briefly. The lane change is shown to the driver with a flashing green arrow next to the±steering wheel symbol. Green arrow Assistance is displayed in the appropriate adjacent lane in the 1menu in the driver's display. The message, forLane change to the leftexample, also appears.

Active Lane Change Assist can be cancelled in various situations, including the following:

  • Change in the surrounding conditions (e. g. detected obstacle).
  • The driver removes their hands from the steering wheel.
  • The driver steers with too much force or in the opposite direction.
  • The driver moves the turn signal indicator in the opposite direction.
  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC or Active Steering Assist is deactivated.
  • The vehicle cannot make the lane change as planned.

Cancellation of Active Lane Change Assist is displayed as follows:

  • The arrow in the selected direction of travel turns red.
  • A corresponding message will also appear in the driver's display.
  • In certain circumstances a warning tone sounds.

 Warning: Risk of accident when changing lane to an occupied adjacent lane

Lane Change Assist cannot always clearly detect if the adjacent lane is free.

The lane change might be initiated although the adjacent lane is not free.

Before changing lanes, make sure that the neighbouring lane is free and there is no danger to other road users.

Monitor the lane change.

 Warning: Risk of accident if Lane Change Assist unexpectedly stops functioning

If the system limitations for Lane Change Assist have been reached, there is no guarantee that the system will remain active.

Lane Change Assist cannot then assist you by applying steering torque.

Always monitor the lane change and keep your hands on the steering wheel. Observe the traffic conditions and steer and/or brake if necessary.

System limits

The system limitations of Active Steering Assist apply to Active Lane Change Assist.

The system may also be impaired or may not function in the following situations:

The sensors are damaged, covered or dirty.

The exterior lighting shows a defect.

The system does not detect a suitable road, for example, in tight bends or shortly after a slip road.

The vehicle is on a construction site.

The Active Lane Change Assist sensors adjust automatically while a certain distance is being driven after the vehicle has been delivered. Active Lane Change Assist is unavailable or only partially available during this teach-in process, and no arrows are displayed next to theØActive Steering Assist symbol.

Observe the notes on driving systems and your responsibility; you may otherwise fail to recognise dangers.

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