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Discover our home developed original upgrades for your Mercedes Models in both hardware and software.

Mercedes Benz


  • Driving Assist

    All options related to Driving Assist, like rear view camera, parking assist, lane keep assist, steering wheel assist, distronic assist, blind spot assist, etc

  • Head Lights, Tail...

    Head lights, Taillights, Interior Lights, Puddle Lights, Door Projector, Inteligent Light System/plus, digital light, Xenon, Halogen Lights

  • Region Conversion

    Mercedes inbuilt navigation system are not with globle map yet, it is regionised to different zones: USA, ECE, ASIA, CHINA, JAPAN, ROW. So for cars imported from other region will facing "no working navigation system" issue and no local language set, no local radio system, and no correct unit system, like temperature unit: F and C, Fuel consumption unit and Tire Pressure unit. Not limited to these mentioned, but also head light regulations and speed warning regulations, etc.

  • Generation Change

    As we know, automobile industry is now almost same as mobile phone, they change car specs and upgrade features almost every year. Car owner, always want to get the latest models with latest nice features, but car price is quite expensive for people to change it yearly. In this catlog, we focus on the newer stuff in newer models to be fitted into older car models, we call this as Generation Change: Comand system, Headlihts, Taillights, Steering Wheel, etc

  • Comfort and Luxury

    Comfort and Luxury is the key selling point of a Mercedes cars, but there are quite a lot of Mercedes-Benz not equipped with some even basic options like, Keyless Start, Keyless entry, Hands free access, Soft Close, Memory Seat, Massage Seat, Ventilation Seat, Heating Seat, Rear Seat tablet, Rear Seat screen, AC vents, Remote controller, Rear Door / Shelf blinds, Air Balancing, Perfume, ionization, etc.

  • COMAND, Cluster, HUD,...

    In Car Entertainment is always a high tech. feature in automobile industry. COMAND (Special term in Mercedes) from NTG1.0 to NTG7.0, instrument cluster, Sound system: Harman Kardon, Logic 7, Bang and Olufsen, Burmester,, Burmester High End, Burmester 3D/4D, are listed in this catalog.

  • Steering Wheel

    Mercedes Steering Wheel retrofit or upgrading is mainly focused on material upgrade: Alcantara, Perforated, Carbon fibre, or shape change: O to D (flat bottom), 4 spoke to 3 spoke, batman to dragon fly, and steering wheel control: from old to new and AGA button (U88)

  • Performance Exhaust

    U78, Performance Exhaust for E43, E43, GLC43 etc

  • Accessories

    Dashcam, Valve Cap, Key Casing, Door Pin, Wheel HUB, CarPlay Wireless Kit, Cig. Lighter Charger, USB Cable.

  • Coding and Programming

    Software Coding and Programming, altering the behaviour of the car, adding new features, upgrading the software version, improve the driving experience, customising your own car, by only software coding, without add/change any hardware.

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